Photography Lighting Kit Hire (400w)

R875 incl VAT

Kit Includes:

  • 3 x 400w Godox Gemini GS400 Strobe Heads,
  • 3x stands,
  • wireless trigger for any camera brand,
  • 2x Standard reflectors,
  • 1x Large softbox,
  • 1x white reflective umbrella,
  • 1x white shoot-through umbrella
  • Barndoor attachment with grid,
  • Sync cable.


  • Easy to use and setup,
  • 400w/s lights,
  • wireless trigger.

Application: Perfect combination for three light setups. Key, fill and back light all in one kit with a good power output. Great combination of light modifiers with additional options available.

Helpful Add-ons:
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Add a Stripbox 35x140cm here
Add a 70cm Beauty Dish here
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Photography Lighting Kit Hire | Studio Strobe Flash Head, 3 Light Kit (400w)

Photography lighting kit hire from Cam-A-Lot Rentals. This is our most comprehensive kit on offer. It contains just about every component you need to get great shots. This 3 head kit allows for a key light, backlight and fill light. For even more control it comes with a variety of light modifiers. The softbox is a large size to give you soft, controlled and glamorous light. There are two choices of umbrella, either reflective or shoot through. There is also a standard reflector which can have barndoors and a grid attached to control your backlight. This combination of lights and modifiers allow for endless possibilities. If you are looking for other specific light modifiers, we have a growing range of photography lighting available. This kit operates at 400ws which is lots of light output for most shoot requirements.

If you need help working out which is the right strobe kit to hire, check out our guide here.

We have a guide to help you problem solve the wireless trigger here.

To download a PDF version of the Operation Manual

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