Generic Speedlite for Canon Hire

R285 incl VAT

Includes: A Speedlite compatible with Canon cameras and 4 AA batteries.

Features: High output and fast recycle times. The flash supports all current versions of TTL, including evaluative E-TTL II.

Application: This helps ensure you always have enough light ensuring adequate exposure which is particularly useful for evening functions.

Generic Speedlite for Canon Hire

We are using primarily two brands as Canon Speedlite alternatives. There are Yongnuo and Godox on camera lights being used. We have had great results from these products and are able to hire them to you far cheaper than the Canon original. The flashes are AA-Battery Powered. When you hire from us 4 batteries will be included. This will provide around 120 full power flashes. You may well need more shots than this so it is worth having spare batteries with you. If you bounce the flash it is likely to have to run the flashes at full power which will reduce the number of flashes available. Firing the flash straight onto your subject will usually require less power and so you will get more flashes out of your set of batteries.

These speedlite units are also called speedlight or on camera flash units and are capable of TTL metering. This is when the camera communicates exposure information to the flash to adjust the power output for perfect exposures. It is also able to do High-Speed Sync Modes to match shutter speeds up to 1/8000s. So you will find all the features and functionality as offered by a Canon original. If you want it can even operate in a fully manual mode.