35x140cm Stripbox Hire

R200 incl VAT

Includes: Strip box measuring 35x140cm with Bowens Speedring Adaptor

Features: Removable grid making the light more directional. Outer diffuser and inner baffle for the softest quality of light. Bowens mount for attachment to strobe head.

Application: Attaches to the photography strobe light to create very soft light without lots of spill. Great for product shots where you want a long elegant highlight. Also suitable for portrait work as it gives gorgeous tonal contrast in the shadow fall-off. Compatible with our 600w strobe kit.

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35x140cm Stripbox Hire | Bowens Speedring Adapter with Grid

35x140cm stripbox hire from Cam-A-Lot Rentals. This makes for a very controlled narrow strip of light. Great for product shots and dramatic portraits. This will have a great light quality and the attachable grid creates fast fall off. If you are looking for something a little bigger we also have a 120cm octabox available for hire.

Enhance Your Photography with the Versatility of a Photographic Softbox


Aspiring photographers and seasoned professionals alike know that perfect lighting is the key to capturing stunning images. The right lighting can transform an ordinary photo into a masterpiece. One essential tool in achieving impeccable lighting conditions is the photographic softbox.


A photographic softbox is a light modifier used in photography to diffuse and soften harsh light. It consists of a sturdy frame covered with a specialized, semi-transparent fabric that disperses light evenly, reducing harsh shadows and highlights. The softbox creates a soft, flattering light that wraps around the subject, resulting in natural-looking and well-balanced photographs.


Portraits that Pop

The primary purpose of a photographic softbox is to achieve professional-quality portrait photography. By softening the light and eliminating harsh shadows, softboxes create flattering, even lighting that beautifully highlights your subject's features. Whether you're shooting corporate headshots, family portraits, or fashion photography, the softbox is a must-have tool to achieve that perfect, polished look.


Product Photography Excellence

When it comes to showcasing products for catalogs, e-commerce websites, or marketing materials, proper lighting is crucial. Softboxes excel in product photography by creating soft, diffused light that enhances textures, colors, and details. With the ability to control the direction and intensity of the light, softboxes ensure that your products are presented in the best possible light.


Stunning Still Life Photography

If you're into capturing captivating still life images, a photographic softbox can work wonders for you too. Its gentle and controlled lighting allows you to highlight the intricate details of your subject, whether it's food, jewelry, or any other object. The softbox's versatility allows for creative experimentation, enabling you to achieve a range of moods and styles in your still life compositions.


An essential tool for photographers and videographers seeking to achieve professional-grade lighting in their work. From portrait photography to product shoots and still life compositions, the softbox's versatility and ability to create soft, flattering light make it a must-have in any photographer's toolkit. So, whether you're a novice or a seasoned pro, consider renting a photographic softbox from our equipment hire services to elevate your photography to new heights and achieve stunning results.