70cm Beauty Dish Hire

R90 incl VAT

Includes: 70cm Beauty Dish and Grid

Features: Bowens mount for attachment to strobe head. Grid for more directional light. Diffuser, to soften the light even further.

Application: Attaches to the photography strobe light to create soft light, with a lot of control over its spill and direction. This light modifier gives a beautiful wrap around effect when close to the subject, and gorgeous tonal contrast in the lights fast fall-off when the grid is attached. Recommended with our 600w strobe kit.

Beauty Dish Hire | Bowens Mount, 70cm Diameter with Grid

Beauty Dish Hire form Cam-A-Lot Rentals. This is a great light modifier for controlling and directing the light. It makes for a larger light source than the standard reflector, and is therefore softer. It includes a diffuser to further soften the light. There is also a grid which will help to control the spill of the light. The grid ensures the light is confined to the desired area without much bleed. The size of this beauty dish makes it a soft light when used close up. We also have Octaboxes which go well with this light modifier.