All our photographic strobe kits are quite comprehensively packaged.

When you hire a kit from us it will come with the strobe heads, stands, wireless trigger and light modifiers.

The most obvious way in which they differ is their power output (w). This is a quick guide to help you find which kit is best suited to your needs.

For Product Photography

These lights have a size and output best suited to product photography. These lights will work great in a controlled studio environment where you not trying to overpower other light sources. For when you are doing tabletop shots of product around the size of a bucket or less.

Photography Lighting Kit Hire (200w)

R430 incl VAT

Product Photography

Portrait Photography

These lights are great for doing portrait photography. Not to bright to strain a model after a day’s work, but more than enough power to get any head and shoulders shots you would want. The setup includes two soft boxes so you can create very soft light for flattering pictures.

Corporate Headshot Portrait Kit Hire

R845 incl VAT

Portrait Photography

Full Lenght and Group Photos

If you are shooting faces and full lengths as well as group photos, you will need enough light to cover your subjects from head to toe. This is really the most versatile kit as it includes three lights. This means you have a variety of lighting setups available to you as you have a Key, Fill and Backlight at your disposal.

Photography Lighting Kit Hire (400w)

R875 incl VAT

Group and Full Length Photography

Weddings, Location, Strobist Work, Fashion, Outdoors

These lights are battery powered so they can be used anywhere. They are also TTL compatible. This means they get their light reading from the camera and adjust their output to provide exactly the required amount of light. So, they don’t need to be manually adjusted and will do all the calculating for you. This makes them very quick to set up and to use, which is important on a shoot like at a wedding. They also feature HSS so you can use them at any shutter speed without sync issues.

Battery Powered Photography Light Hire (600w)

Package Discount

Original price was: R1, 300.Current price is: R1, 050. incl VAT

Location and Fashion Photography