Product Photography Light Tent for Hire

R130 incl VAT


  • Godox LSD-80; 80cm Light tent
  • Dimmable LED Light strips
  • Black Background
  • White Background

Features: Has its own light source for soft and even lighting with no additional flashes required.

Application: Shooting products in a controlled and consistent environment to get appealing images.

Product Photography Light Tent for Hire | Godox LSD-80

Product Photography Light Tent for Hire from Cam-A-Lot Rentals. To shoot products, you want flattering and consistent lighting. If you can create a controlled environment you will be able to do a larger number of products in a shorter amount of time. If you have this box set up, you shoot a product, whip it out and replace it with the next item, and fire immediately. There is no need to fiddle or finesse anything, you are ready to go immediately. Older style light tents needed additional lights to shine through the tent to light up the subject matter. The Godox LSD-80 has its own dimmable LED strips included. This means the package includes everything needed.

This is the 80cm version, so it is big. It can handle products at variety of sizes and shapes. Products the size of a 5l bucket will fit inside it quite comfortably. There is an opening in the front to shoot products through or there is a top hatch if you want to shoot top down.

We tested the setup to see how much light the box gave us. We were able to shoot at F5.6, ISO 100 and still maintain a shutter speed of 125th. We shot a couple of examples shots, these we banged out in the light tent. You can shoot against black or white and everything looks good!

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