Lens for Hire Options

Cam-A-Lot Rentals has a good range of lens for hire options. We stock Canon zoom and prime lenses as well as a few Sony E-mount lenses. Prices range, but they start from as low as R400 to hire a lens. These are our per day prices. Our prices include vat, insurance and all other handling fees you find some other rental houses add to the cost. The price you see is the price you pay. We do however offer discounts when hiring lenses for more than four days.

So get in touch with us to book a lens or get a quote, or to discuss any of or lens for hire options.

Canon Lens Rental Zoom and Prime Lenses
Canon 24-105mm Lens Rental

Zoom Lens for Hire

Canon 35mm Lens Rental

Prime Lens for Hire

Rokinon 24mm Lens Rental

Sony E-Mount Lens for Hire

Rokinon 24mm Lens Rental

Lens Accessories

Canon Zoom Lenses for Hire

Have a look through our Canon Zoom Lenses for Hire. We have options from 16mm right the way up to 400mm. Our most popular is the 24-105mm, as it is such a versatile lens and works in a variety of situations. Another favourite is the Canon 24-70mm as it is a fast 2.8mm lens with pin sharp glass.

These lenses are very popular so try book as long in advance as is possible to avoid disappointment.

Canon Prime Lenses for Hire

Come see which Canon Prime Lenses for Hire are available here at Cam-A-Lot. We stock the most popular prime lenses. One of which is the 100mm Macro which gives a 1:1 reproduction. Our 85mm is a great portrait lens. The 35mm option is a great lens for use on gimbals as it has a good field of view while being fast and light which is what you want on stabilization rigs.

There is also a Sigma Art lens, this also has the Canon mount. This 35mm is so sharp it outperforms any other lens on the market.

Rokinon Prime Lenses for Hire (Sony E-Mount)

View our range of Rokinon Prime Lenses for Hire which use the Sony E-Mount. These lenses all have E-mount for use on Sony cameras like any of their amazing mirrorless models which are so popular for video work right now. All of our Rokinon lenses are prime lenses so they have no zoom functionality. Both iris and focus are manually adjusted on these lenses, this makes them very compact and light lenses. These lenses can be adapted to Canon through the hire of our Metabones adaptor.

We also have an option to hire all 6 focal lengths as a package which is discounted in price from what the 6 lenses would cost individually.

Lens Accessories for Hire

We have a simple range of Lens Accessories for Hire. They include filters and adaptors. We have some screw on filters for the front of the lens. They include variable ND filters which are useful to control the light, particularly while recording video. There is also the option of a 2x extender, which is great to get even more reach out of your long lenses.

There is also a matte box system for using graduated filters for more cinematic work.

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