Rokinon 135mm Lens Rental

R400 incl VAT

Focal length: 135mm

Widest Aperture: T2.2

Version: DS Lens with Sony E-Mount

Rokinon 135mm Lens Rental | DS Sony E-Mount

Rokinon 135mm Lens rental from Cam-A-Lot Rentals. You can view our full range of lenses and lens adaptors for rental, here. Here is what Rokinon have to say about their lens.

"Utilizing a multi-layer coating process for consistent color rendition from lens to lens the Rokinon 135mm T2.2 Cine DS Lens answers the challenge of assembling a set of lenses over time. Features industry standard geared focus and iris rings that share common position with other Rokinon Cine DS lenses. To aid focus pullers who have to work both sides of the lens, the aperture and focus scales are marked on both sides of the lens."


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