Glass Filter Kit Hire and Screw on Filter Hire

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4 x 5.4 inch Filters

These filters come in a variety of densities and graduations. They are best used in a matte box which is also available for hire from us.


Variable ND Filters

These filters screw onto the front of your lens and allow you to change how much light is allowed through. This is a useful way to control exposure on DSLR cameras which are not always easy to adjust exposure while shooting. Another advantage is the ability to use wider apertures in bright light and use the filter to control the incoming light intensity so you can achieve shallow depths of field. Adjustable between 0 and 8 stops. Available in 58, 77 and 82mm threads.



Filter Kit Hire

Filter Kit hire from Cam-A-Lot Rentals. We have screw on filters. And there are glass plates which you can drop into out Matte box.

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4×5" Graduated ND .3 density, 4×5" Graduated ND .6 density, 4×5" Graduated ND .9 density, 4×5" Polarising Filter, Variable ND filter with 58mm thread, Variable ND filter with 77mm thread, Variable ND filter with 82mm thread