PVC Chroma-key Green Background Hire

R345 incl VAT

Includes: Frame, Stands & 2 Sandbags and a green PVC background measuring 2.7 x 6m.

PVC Chroma-key Green Background Hire

PVC Chroma-key Green Background Hire from Cam-A-Lot Rentals. It is made from hard wearing PVC and is easy to clean. This background works well for either video or stills photography. Green is a popular colour for chroma-key work as it removing green does not affect skin tone. It is rolled on an aluminium tube so it is never wrinkled or uneven. It works well for full length work as it can make a soft curve from the drop to the floor. All these features make the final key much easier to achieve.

This background is 2.72 wide and 6m long. You can fit larger products or even do full length people shots on a backdrop of this size. The size will allow you to move your subject away from the background enabling you to light the two separately.

We have a selection of backgrounds here.

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