We have a growing selection of backdrops. They range in both colour and size. These are very popular for both photographic and video work. The PVC or Vinyl options are great for full length work. They are long enough to drape onto the floor with a soft curve. These can be wide enough for two people next to each other. What makes them so great is that they are hard wearing and wrinkle free.

The options include a black background, white, grey and green for chromakey work. On the smaller side is a pop-up green screen which is perfect for head and shoulders shots. It is much more portable than the other options. It is also reversable so it can be used as a green or a blue screen for keying.

Our equipment rents out as kits, so the hire price is inclusive of stands, frames and sandbags. The prices are per day of rental and include VAT.

Browse through the products below to find what you are looking for. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Backdrops for Hire Options


Paper Backdrops for Sale Options

Double-sided Vinyl Background Hire

R310R345 incl VAT

PVC Grey Background Hire

R345 incl VAT

PVC Chroma-key Green Background Hire

R345 incl VAT

Green Screen Hire

R345 incl VAT

Pop-Up Green Screen Hire

R140 incl VAT

Canon RF 70-200mm Lens Rental

R650 incl VAT