Long Lens Gimbal Head Hire

R350 incl VAT


  • K&F Gimbal head
  • K&F Pro-Traveller Legs


  • Quick release mounting plate allows camera mounting at the lenses centre of gravity, for perfect balance
  • 70mm vertical sliding range to centre the tilt axis
  • Durable and tough with solid aluminium magnesium alloy construction
  • 32mm Precision aluminium tubing allowing for a 20kg load capacity

Application: Make your camera feel weightless and manageable, while shooting sport or wildlife with a long lens setup.

Safely mount your heavy telephoto setup and move it like it’s weightless

Gimbal Head hire from Cam-A-Lot Rentals. If you are chasing perfect shots in a nature reserve, on a sports field or at a live event, chances are that you make use of a heavy telephoto setup. If you do work with a heavy telephoto setup, you require a very stable platform to shoot from. The tiniest of vibrations can have a huge impact on your images’ sharpness. Especially when you are zoomed in on a subject that is a long distance away. Along with stability, you also require a dynamic mount that allows you to move your camera to track your subject.

There are a few reasons why Gimbal Heads are a favourite mount for wildlife, sports, event and even some landscape photographers. On a gimbal head you are able to calibrate the cameras position both forward and backward as well as up and down. This allows you to align the axis and the centre of gravity.

  • When you align the axis; the camera becomes very easy to move and to follow action in a controlled way as it rotates around the lenses nodal point.
  • When you align the centre of gravity; the camera feels weightless as it is not top heaving in relation to your tilting mechanism.

The Gimbal Head benefits large and heavy telephoto photographers in 3 ways. Firstly, a Gimbal Head can safely mount and take the weight of a super heavy setup. Secondly, they mount to the lens not the camera. The camera is perfectly balanced as it is mounted at the centre of gravity on the body and lens. Minimal effort is required from the photographer when adjusting the lens, as the Gimbal Head carries the load of the camera. Thirdly, it allows free movement and easy panning. You can also let go of it and it won’t fall forward, it just floats where you left it. This makes the gimbal simple to use, perfect for when you’re required to make frequent adjustments or when tracking a moving subject.

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