Kino Flo Hire | 4Foot 4Bank Light

R750 incl VAT

Includes: C-stand, 2 x sandbags & extension lead.

Features: Close proximity, controlled environment lighting. Great soft light for interviews. Individual tube control. Daylight & Tungsten tubes supplied.

Application: Interviews, music videos, pack shots and corporate videos & greenscreen subject lighting.

NOTE: This light in its case requires a large vehicle for transport (1.5m)

Kino Flo Hire | 4Foot 4Bank Light

Kino Flo Hire from Cam-A-Lot Rentals. These are lovely soft lights. The bigger your light source, the softer the light. At 4 foot these can give a fantastic soft light with a wrap around effect for smooth fall off. The kit comes with 4 daylight tubes and 4 tungsten tubes so you can shoot under either colour temperature. The power output can be controlled by changing the number of tubes being used. The bigger the light the better, but if you cramped for space we also have Cosmo 2 foot lights available for hire.

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