This is a quick guide to Balance the DJI Ronin-S and getting it set up. It is important to have a neutral balance as it will allow the battery to last longer and protect the motors from overheating. These are the steps as laid out by DJI for getting the balance dialled in as well as some trouble shooting help. Below you can also find videos created by DJI which cover the setup and balancing of the rig. You will also find links where you can download the product user manuals.

Getting ready

It is recommended that you start by ensuring the Ronin-S built in battery is full charged. You will also need the DJI Ronin app installed on a smart phone. The requirements are iOS version 7.0 or above, and Android system version 4.3 or above with Bluetooth 4.0 support. Create your own DJI profile and login details for the app. You will need the Ronin’s password to connect it to the app (password: 12345678).


DJI Ronin App LogoScan QR for download linkDownload from iTunesDownload from Google Play


The Ronin rigs are pretty reliable, but there are a few events which have cropped up during shoots. All are easily rectified if you know where to start. These are the the top queries we have come up against, if you have other issues refer to the user manual. Balance the DJI Ronin correctly and you should avoid most of these.

Trouble shooting

Turn off the battery gripPress the power button, lights will flash, then press and hold to turn off
Gimbal is vibrating and making a noise:1 Tighten all knobs, screws, locks and latches.
2 within the app drop the “stiffness” value to a lower value (within the motor menu)
Motors shut off:Re-Balance the DJI Ronin, power cycle the gimbal.
Off centre or drifting:On the app use the “Calibrate system” and “Calibrate centre” functions.

We no longer hire out the Ronin or Ronin M as they have proven too unreliable for the rental market, have a look at the rest of our grips equipment available for hire.