Wireless Production Intercom System Hire

R2, 070 incl VAT


  • Wireless Base Station
  • 6 Headset
  • 6 Belt-packs

Features: Wireless communication between belt packs. Two channel communication with a “Manager” pack.

Application: Communication between director and crew through 6 units which don’t need cable to be laid. Used extensively in music concerts, conferences and church services.

Wireless Comms Hire

Wireless Comms Hire at Camalot Rentals. This is a great way to maintain communication with everyone in the production, without running cables. The comms system used by Cam-A-Lot Rentals is the Altair WBS-202. The package comes with a base station. this is usually set up near the director. This allows him control over the system and his headset can connect directly into the base station. The belt packs have a good battery life, but you will be supplied with the necessary chargers to ensure that everyone is fully powered up come show time. There are a combination of headsets included. Both single and double sided ear covers. This is useful to ensure the director and operators with different needs are both catered for. The wireless range can be further extended with arial cables.

To download a PDF version of the Base Station Operation Manual

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To download a PDF version of the Belt Packs Operation Manual

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