Headset Microphone Hire

R420 incl VAT

Includes: Audac CMX726 headset condenser microphone, transmitter & receiver pack.

Includes one set of complimentary batteries per order.

Features: Light weight, adjustable and discreet, with excellent audio quality.

Application: Microphone which can be worn discreetly on your head to free up your hands. Great for actors in a theatre environment, or presenters in houses of worship.

Headset Microphone Hire

Cam-A-Lot Rentals offers headset microphone hire. This is a discreet microphone which attaches over the ears and behind the head. This is great for performances where you want the microphone as unobtrusive as possible. There is a product information sheet available here. We also have handheld microphones available as well.

Here is what Audac have to say about their microphone.

"The CMX726 is a headset condenser microphone with an omnidirectional pickup pattern, designed for a wide variation of vocal and speech applications. The back-electret condenser capsule with flat frequency response guarantees a pristine audio quality true to the speakers voice and intonation. The high SPL capabilities guarantee a true reproduction without distortion even while exposed to hard and vigorous sounds. The construction is lightweight and ergonomically designed, guaranteeing a comfortable fit with minimum visual impact. The dual-ear construction allows it for being used for even the most energetic performances. A drop stopper on the microphone boom avoids humidity to reach the microphone cell, while bending and position adjustment allows optimal positioning. A connector splits the cable from the microphone, allowing quick exchange which is valuable for both service use or when used in combination with different types of transmitters."