VidiU Live Web Streaming Encoder for Hire

R500.00 incl VAT

Includes: Teradek VidiU and power supply.

Features: Wireless streaming at 1080p with h.264 encoding. Integrated compatibility with Ustream and Livestream. 60 Minute Internal Battery. Streams to iOS Devices for Monitoring.

Application: Live stream from any HDMI input source to the internet via WiFi or Ethernet through the web streaming platform of your choice.

Excludes: Broadband modem or data.

Live Web Streaming Encoder | Teradek VidiU

Live Web Streaming Encoder hire from Cam-A-Lot Rentals. This is an all in one device for live streaming. It takes an HDMI signal in. It then encodes (compresses) the data to stream it to a wide choice of live streaming service platforms. The device connects to these services through either wi-fi or network cable, or it has a usb port for a 3g/4G/LTE dongle. To stream video content you need a good, fast and reliable data connection. We recommend for best performance at least a 10mb/s dedicated line. It can function on less, but the lag gap becomes quite long. This device is capable of outputting full HD at 1080 with h.264 encoding. It also contains an internal battery which allows for 60 minutes of operation. There is also a companion app which allows some control over the device. If you want to stream a feed into a laptop to a live service we also offer the Blackmagic Web Presenter.

To download a PDF version of the Operation Manual

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