Photographic Umbrella for Hire

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  • Silver-reflective
  • White-reflective
  • Shoot-through

Photographic Umbrella for Hire

Photographic Umbrella for Hire from Cam-A-Lot Rentals. For any photography setup you want to control the light. An umbrella is a great way to make a strobe light a larger light source. The larger the light source the softer the quality of light it will produce. They are 3 types of photographic umbrella. They are the silver reflective, white reflective and to shoot through umbrella.

  • The silver reflective umbrella will bounce a lot of light back at your subject it will be relatively harsh Compared to the other two.
  • The white reflective umbrella will bounce a slightly softer quality of light back.
  • The shoot through umbrella will created diffused light.

Umbrellas can be used in conjunction with speedlights or strobe heads. The 3 different types of umbrella can be used in conjunction with each other to give a great effect. They soften the light and spread it over a wider area than the strobes reflector.

We have a variety of other lighting modifiers which can be found here.

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Umbrella Type

White Reflective Umbrella 84cm, White Reflective Umbrella 109cm, Silver Reflective Umbrella 84cm, Silver Reflective Umbrella 109cm, White Translucent Shoot-through Umbrella 84cm, White Translucent Shoot-through Umbrella 109cm


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