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Multi-cam Package Hire

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  • 3x Cameras with SDI Out
    • 3 x Tripods
    • 6 x Batteries & 3 Chargers
    • 6 x SD Memory Cards
  • 4 ch Video Mixing Desk
  • LCD Monitor for Multi-view
  • Recorder for the Mix
  • 4 x Wired comms
  • Cables
    • 1 x 100m SDI Drum
    • 2 x 50m SDI Drum
    • 1 x 50m XLR for audio feed
  • Headphones

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Multi-cam Package Hire

Multi-cam Package Hire from Cam-A-Lot Rentals. This package has been put together so everything you need is included for a standard multi-camera setup. It includes 3 cameras which have SDI out for the highest quality to the mixing desk. A 3 camera setup allows for great coverage as you can do close, medium and wide shots. Each camera has 2 batteries as well as the option for mains power. There will also be SD cards for each camera should you want to record each cameras picture as a safety in conjunction with the mix. There is also a tripod for each camera.

This multi-cam package hire offering, has 4 comms sets included so each cameraman and the director can communicate during the shoot. Live, effective communication is essential in a multi-cam setup. The cables to run comms as well as the SDI from the camera to the desk are included. There is also an XLR cable for audio so you can get it from a sound desk to your mix.

An LCD monitor will allow you to see the multi-cam view so the director can plan and choose his shots. It shows each cameras picture as well as the preview and live images. This comes from the video mixer which has 4-channel inputs. Enough for the supplied cameras and an extra source should you have one. The mix created by the director is captured on the supplied recorder.

If you want to upgrade any part of this package as your shoot has specific requirements, have a look at our multi-cam products.

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