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Interview Package Hire

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  • 2x Panasonic AC30/HC-PV100
    • 2 x Tripods
    • 4 x Batteries & 2 Chargers
    • 4 x SD Memory Cards
  • 2 x LED 500 Lights
  • 2 x Radio Lapel kits
  • 1 x Headphones

Offer subject to availability

Interview Package Hire

Interview Package Hire from Cam-A-Lot Rentals. As this shooting scenario occurs so often, we have bundled some gear together. Now choosing the relevant gear has never been easier. With this interview package every essential you could want is included. You will get two camera which come with batteries, tripods and cards. The cameras offer great features and functionality to ensure superb image quality.

Two LED 500 lights are included. These are dimmable and ensure you have enough light on your subjects for good image quality. They are light and easy to move and setup, while the dimming ability helps create the look you want.

Also included are two radio lapel kits. One for the interviewer and interviewee. The clip on to clothing and can be very discreet. With a lapel you get great vocal audio and less background noise being picked up. There is also a set of headphones included to monitor the audio.

If there is something you would like to add to this package, you can view the equipment we have to offer here.