Vocal Microphone Hire

R175 incl VAT

Includes: Beyerdynamic TG V30d S handheld microphone. 7M XLR cable.

Features: Supercardioid polar pattern with especially natural sound, high output level, noiseless on/off switch.

Application: Perfect for speaking events, karaoke and singing on the stage. Excellent sound quality for singers or presenters in noisy environments. Low handling noise. Reduces the chances of getting audio feedback from speakers.

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Handheld Vocal Microphone Hire

Cam-A-Lot Rentals recommends the Beyerdynamic TG V30d S handheld microphone for anyone looking for vocal microphone hire. The microphone is great for singing and performing on stage. It has low handling noise and a pickup-field to reduce the amount of background noise which comes through the mic. This also reduced the chances of a feedback loop forming through the speakers. If you are looking for a radio handheld microphone we have a Sennheiser option available. Here is what Beyerdynamic has to say about the TG V30d S

"The TG V30d s is the perfect introduction into the world of
Beyerdynamic for both singers and event hosts. This dynamic
microphone with a supercardioid polar pattern and especially
natural sound is perfect for speaking events, karaoke and singing
in the rehearsal room and on the stage. The TG V30d s lets you
achieve solid results even without a lot of technical know-how,
thanks to its high output level even in combination with simple

If you want to know more about the Beyerdynamic TG V30d S you can download a PDF Product manual here.