Glidecam HD2000 Stabilizer Hire

R500 incl VAT

Includes: Glidecam HD2000 Stabilizer System


  • Fine adjustment Dynamic Camera Balance Platform
  • Adjustable convergence, precision, three-axis Gimbal
  • Adjustable dynamic balance and inertial-control Base Platform

Application: This rig utilizes a balancing system that dampens the user’s body movement, providing a smooth, floating moving image appearance usually achieved with more expensive equipment.

Glidecam HD2000 Stabilizer Hire

Glidecam HD2000 Stabilizer Hire Cam-A-Lot Rentals. This is a camera platform which helps to create smooth footage. It will absorb some camera shake and body movement to improve the stability of the recording. If you set it up well with a good balance, it will produce footage far superior to hand-held shots. You can also have a look at the rest of our grips hire products here.

Here is what Glidecam have to say about their Glidecam HD2000 stabilizing system.

""The amazingly advanced and totally re-engineered Glidecam HD-Series™ from Glidecam

Industries represents the top of the line in hand-held Camera Stabilization.

The lightweight and state-of-the-art Glidecam HD-2000 hand-held Camera Stabilizers will transform

your hard to watch, shaky camera footage into hypnotically smooth, professional footage."


Here is a video tutorial on some of the basic system operation principles.


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