Clapperboard Hire

R50 incl VAT

Includes: Clapperboard and whiteboard marker

Features: Easy to write on and wipe off surface.

Application: Used to give a visual and audio reference to mark clips and it serves as a guide to sync the sound to the picture when editing.

Clapperboard Hire

Clapperboard Hire from Cam-A-Lot Rentals. A clapper board or slate is used to give a visual and audio reference so you can sync clips picture and sound when editing the footage. The top bar gives a nice crisp snap when shut which gives a easily identifiable peak on the audio track. This also gives a visual cue as the editor can see the precise moment the bars close. Line the two up and picture and sound are in sync. Because you can write on the clapperboard, the editor will be able to visually identify each shot as well. These slates were essential when film and sound were recorded separately. It is just as useful today when filming with DSLR cameras. For the best audio quality and control, recordings are still done separately from the camera. Using a clapperboard will speed up the post production process significantly. To view our range of DSLR cameras follow this link.

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