Live Streaming Equipment has become very popular as people share information and events over the web as they happen. In order to stream video content to an online platform you need a streaming device. Cam-A-Lot Rentals offers two streaming device options which are available for hire.

These are the Teradek VidiU and the Blackmagic Web Presenter. These two devices work to bridge your camera and the online platform of your choice. They each do it slightly differently, so this post is to help you match the correct Live Streaming Equipment to your needs.

Teradek VidiU

Blackmagic Web Presenter

Video InputsHDMISDI


Audio InputsXLR


Video output Resolution1080720
Internet ConnectionWi-Fi


USB 3G/4G/LTE modem

None – provides video signal to laptop or PC which provides connection to the internet
PortabilityInternal 60 Minute Battery


How the two devices differ is that the VidiU can stream directly to the internet, and the Blackmagic Web Presenter allows a PC to view the camera as a USB connected webcam.

Teradek VidiU


Full HD Video at 1080

Connects directly to the online streaming platform

Battery to make it portable, you can plug this directly into a handheld camera

Smart phone app to monitor and change settings



Setup is not easy or fast while inputting characters via the joystick on the small screen
No screen to monitor image on
HDMI input only and no additional audio options


Download the free Teradek VidiU app here

Live Streaming Equipment | VidiU App Logo

Apple Store

Android Google Play Store

Blackmagic Web Presenter


Built-in Teranex conversion technology turns 1080 into 720 which requires less bandwidth

No device setup or firmware needs to be installed.

Converts HDMI and SDI cameras into webcams which are accessible to the online platform via the camera source dropdown menus

Two cameras can be connected (1xHDMI and 1xSDI) and live switched

Additional options for audio sources to be inputted



Needs to be connected to a PC or Laptop to which provides the connection to the online platform
Not full HD



The Live Streaming Equipment mentioned in this post can be hired from Cam-A-Lot Rentals.

Cam-A-Lot Rentals does not supply the data or method of connection to the web services. You will need to ensure that sufficient data and speed is available at your production location. It is recommended to have a dedicated 10mbs line for streaming video. It is also important that you familiarise yourself with the web platform you intend to use as we cannot offer support for those services as they are beyond our control.