Double-sided Vinyl Background Hire

R310R345 incl VAT

Large 2.6 x 5m Background Hire

Includes: Frame, Stands & 2 Sandbags and a double sided Black & White vinyl background measuring 2.6 across x 5m rolled out.


Small 2 x 3.7m Background Hire

Includes: Frame, Stands & 2 Sandbags and a double sided Black & White vinyl background measuring 2 across x 3.7m rolled out.

Background Hire | Double-sided Black and White Vinyl Backdrops

Background hire from Cam-A-Lot Rentals. It is made from hard wearing vinyl and is easy to clean. These vinyl backgrounds are double sided. There is a white side and a black side. This gives you the option to create very different looks with one product. You can choose to use the white backdrop hire or turn it around and make use of the black backdrop hire. The white backdrop is the side used most often. A white background is great for portrait and head shot photos especially when shooting for a website. White backdrops are clean, simple and therefore classic. A white background is always good for bright, high key photos or video giving an optimistic or angelic look and feel.

Flip this background around, and you reveal the black backdrop. This will make for more moody style images and video. Black as a background is more of a statement and adds drama to the results. It also allows for dramatic and contrasty lighting setups. It can be used to create powerful headshots of leaders and captains of industry when you want to work to achieve that look.

These are referred to as both backgrounds or even backdrops. They are used in both photography and video production. Shooting a subject in front of a backdrop ensures a clean and even background. Having this portable option ensures you can work just about anywhere and still have a consistent and controlled look.

We have two sizes for our white backdrop hire/black backdrop hire.

  • The large is 2.6x5m which is big enough for full length work for photography.
  • And we have a smaller one at 2x3.7m for head and shoulders shots, product work or kids.

You can find video and constant lighting option here

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Vinyl Backdrop

Medium 2.6x5m Double Sided Backdrop, Large 2.6x5m Double Sided Backdrop, Smaller 2×3.7m Double Sided Backdrop