20w Worklight Hire | Two lights on a T-Bar with legs

R140 incl VAT


  • 2 x 20w LED Flood Lamps
  • Tripod stand with T-bar
  • 7m Extension Cord

Uses: This is a great addition for washing an area in light. Making night time work easier and safer.

20w Worklight Hire from Cam-A-Lot Rentals.

Work lights are useful for several reasons:

Work lights provide additional light in areas where the existing lighting may be insufficient. They are designed to emit bright light in a wide coverage, making it easier to see and to work in dark or poorly lit environments.

Adequate lighting is crucial for maintaining a safe work environment. Insufficient lighting can lead to accidents, injuries, and errors. Work lights help eliminate shadows, reduce the risk of tripping or falling, and enhance visibility of potential hazards or obstacles, promoting safer working conditions.

Flexibility and Versatility
Our work lights are portable and adjustable, allowing them to be positioned and directed as needed. This flexibility enables workers to concentrate light on specific areas or objects, or over large areas. On set it is useful in the communal areas like where catering is served or production crew holding areas. Being LED lights they draw less power while achieving impressive brightness. This makes them great for using with a generator. LED’s are more reliable and less prone to damage that tube lights so they won’t let you down.

Emergency situations
Work lights can be invaluable during power outages or emergency situations. Having a reliable and portable light source readily available can assist in navigating through dark environments, performing necessary repairs, or providing temporary lighting until power is restored.

Overall, our LED work lights improve visibility, enhance safety, and offer flexibility in various work settings. They are a practical tool for professionals across multiple industries, helping them perform tasks efficiently and effectively.

Quick Overview2 x 20w LED Floodlight with Tripod
Beam Angle120 °
Color Temperature4000K
Lumens2 x 1600lm = 3200lm
MaterialDie Cast Aluminium
Shade MaterialGlass Tempered
Wattage2 x 20w = 40w
ColourBlack And Yellow
Length3000mm Cable

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Scrim and Frame Options

8×8 Black Out, 12×12 Black Out, 4×4 Silk scrim, 6×6 Silk scrim, 8×8 Silk scrim, 12×12 Silk scrim, 4×4 Frame, 6×6 Frame, 8×8 Frame