As we have quite a few requests for rental equipment to take pictures at a wedding we thought we would put together a little guide on some of our recommended gear for shooting a wedding. Below you can see which gear we recommend and why we think it is well suited to shooting a wedding.

Camera | Canon 5D Mark IV

The latest model in the Canon 5d line up with all the bells and whistles you could want. This is a professional camera giving you the reliability and dependability you will need for important events.


  • Body, 2 x batteries & 2 x 64GB memory cards in a case.


  • 30.4MP Full-Frame CMOS Sensor
  • Latest DIGIC 6 Image Processor
  • Touchscreen LCD Monitor
  • DCI 4K Video with 8.8MP Still frame Grabs
  • 61-Point High Density Reticular Auto Focus
  • Native ISO 32000
  • Dual Pixel CMOS AF and Movie Servo AF
  • 7 fps Burst Shooting
  • CF & SD Card Slots
  • Built-In GPS, Wi-Fi and NFC

Why we recommend shooting a wedding with the Canon 5D Mark IV

Dual card slots: One of the most important responsibilities as the chosen service provider it to ensure the safety and protection of the collected data. If you want to be sure you are doing the most possible to look after the images or video you are capturing you must use a camera with two card slots. This way you can record to two places simultaneously and protect against card failure and data loss.

Full frame: Cameras with a 35mm sensor will allow you to create images with a softer more out of focus background. This sought-after look where images have creamy bokeh is more easily obtained with larger sensors. For weddings it is generally the desired look most photographer want to create.

Focusing: The technology in the Mark IV represents years of incremental development and improvements over every previous generation of focusing system. The 5D is capable of fast and accurate focusing even in low light conditions. This is very helpful in ensuring you get every important shot at the wedding. Shooting a wedding day represents a wide variety of shooting situations and this focusing system will manage to keep up regardless.

Mega pixels: This camera features a 30.4 mega pixel sensor. With that many pixels you will be able to crop and recompose you shot in editing with more than enough information left over for reasonable print sizes. Weddings can be an erratic and unpredictable environment to it is nice to have that safety net, should you want to crop tighter in editing.

Video: While this is an amazing stills camera it is also a very capable video camera. With the popularity of photographers adding video clips to their packages when shooting a wedding, it is a great feature to have available to you.

ISO: This camera has an impressive ISO range and can handle reasonably high values before noise starts becoming noticeable or even problematic. There are inevitably going to be low light situations on a wedding day and using ISO to get the shutter and aperture settings you want can be a life saver.

Magnesium alloy body: Professional gear is more robust which helps with reliability and dependability. It will also be better protected from the elements with weather and dust sealing. It can provide great peace of mind to know that the camera won’t fail if you caught out in harsh conditions.

Lens | Canon 24-70mm and 70-200mm

You are going to need good glass when shooting a wedding. This will mean reliability, fast apertures and crisp images. As weddings include so many varied shooting situation, you need to have a wide range of focal lengths to be covered.

R420.00 incl VAT per day.

  • Focal length: 24 – 70mm
  • Widest Aperture: f2.8
  • Version: USM


Why we recommend the Canon 24-70mm

This lens does not have a very big zoom range, but that is its advantage. It has a faster aperture as a result so you can let in more light and get softer backgrounds. The short zoom range also means this lens has better geometry so it suffers much less from distortions and lens issues which many others have. It is also well known for its ability to produce tac sharp images. You will use this for all the establishing shots and the group pictures.

R420.00 incl VAT per day.

  • Focal length: 70-200mm
  • Widest Aperture: f2.8


Why we recommend the Canon 70-200mm

This lens allows you to get intimate shots without being obtrusive. The long focal length helps to get great out of focus backgrounds which isolate the primary subject matter. Basically, it takes beautiful images. This lens will be what you use more than 80% of the day. It is great for detail shots, portraits and intimate couple shots so you will need it more often than anything else.

Light | Godox AD600 Flash

Whether you need light in order to get the shot, or you want to enhance the scene with shape, mood and atmosphere you need to add light. There is no question than beautiful lighting enhances a shot beyond almost any other tool or technique at your disposal. When it comes to amazing lighting, nothing beats off camera light.


  • Battery powered for location shooting
  • 600w/s lights,
  • highspeed sync at 1/8000s,
  • Full Nikon TTL or Canon ETTLii metering


Why we recommend shooting a wedding with the Godox AD600 Flash

Firstly, the flash is battery powered so it is portable and not reliant on a nearby power supply. Secondly, it features both High-Speed Sync (HSS) and Through The Lens (TTL) Metering. All this adds up to a very powerful tool out in the field. The battery will allow you to take 500 shots at full power. That has proven more than enough for a day out shooting a wedding. The HSS allows you to dial in any shutter speed you want and it will sync. So if you want a wide aperture for shallow depth of field, typically your shutter needs to be much higher when shooting outdoors. This flash will sync all the way to 8000th of a second. The TTL metering means the camera will give you the amount of light the camera light meter calculates is necessary. Then you can dial in more or less depending on the effect you are going for.

Hire all this equipment as a package

You can hire all the equipment mentioned in this blog as a package. The package includes the camera, lenses and lighting. The combination should cover the essential you will need while shooting a wedding. The combination of equipment has been packaged at a discounted rate.

Package Includes:

Canon 5D Mark IV

Canon 24-70mm Lens

Canon 70-200mm Lens

5in1 Reflector

Battery Powered Photography Light Hire (600w)


Click this link to visit the package page, Pro Wedding Photography Kit Hire.