Pro Wedding Photography Kit Hire

R2, 750 incl VAT

Package Includes:

Canon 5D Mark IV

  • Body,
  • 2 x batteries
  • 2 x 64GB memory cards.

Canon 24-70mm Lens

Canon 70-200mm Lens

5in1 Reflector

Battery Powered Photography Light Hire (600w)

  • 600w Godox AD600B Strobe Head
  • battery, capable of 500 shots at full power
  • Power adaptor to run the lights off mains power
  • Stand, air-cushioned
  • wireless Nikon TTL or Canon ETTLii trigger
  • Standard reflector
  • Large Softbox
  • White reflective umbrella
  • White shoot-through umbrella
  • Sandbag

Pro Wedding Photography Kit Hire

Pro Wedding Photography Kit Hire from Cam-A-Lot Rentals. Because we get asked so often, we have put together a package of our recommended equipment for people wanting to shoot a wedding. You can read more about the equipment in this blog post:

Shooting a Wedding | What is the best equipmentWhat is the best equipment for shooting a Wedding?

This kit includes a camera, lenses and lighting. This makes up the essential requirements to get you started when shooting a wedding. We have selected the best equipment for quality and reliability which should be priorities on such a big day.

Camera: This package comes with the Canon 5D Mark IV. The latest in their line-up. It has 30.4 mega pixels, dual card slots, good focusing and low light capabilities.

Lenses: The 24-70mm is one on Canons sharpest and best performing lenses. It opens to f2.8 and will be great for the establishing shots and the group pictures of the day.

The 70-200mm is a great long lens for isolating subject matter, blurring the background and shooting unobtrusively. The lens takes beautiful images and will stay on the camera for more than 80% of the day.

Light: The Godox is battery powered making it a perfect location light. Added to that it has HSS and TTL so the light does all the calculations of your needs for you. This means you can work quickly while creating light where you need it. Whether it is light for practical or aesthetic reasons this light will perform all day long. The battery will give 500 shots at full power which is more than any of its pricier competitors.

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