Photography Light Hire (300w)

R460.00 incl VAT

Kit Includes:

  • 2 x 300w Strobe Heads,
  • 2 x stands,
  • wireless trigger (Canon and Nikon compatible),
  • 2 softboxes (60 x 60cm) and a
  • silver reflective umbrella.
  • white shoot-through umbrella

Features: 300w/s lights with modelling lamps and optical slave trigger. Can be used with either Canon or Nikon Cameras.

Application: Can be used as key or back light when shooting portraits or product photography.

Helpful Add-ons:
Add a 120cm Octabox here
Add a Stripbox 35x140cm here
Add a 70cm Beauty Dish here

Photography Light Hire | 300w Studio Strobe Flash Kit

Photography Light Hire from Cam-A-Lot Rentals. At 300w this kit has enough power to handle your studio shooting needs for portraits and product photography. It includes light modifiers for more control. It has softboxes, umbrellas and a wireless trigger for shooting. The trigger is compatible with all brands of camera. If you are looking for a three light kit or battery powered location lights, we can help. We have a growing range of photography lighting available.

If you need help working out which is the right strobe kit to hire, check out our guide here.

We have a guide to help you problem solve the wireless trigger here.