On Camera DSLR Microphone Hire

R175 incl VAT

Includes: Mic with camera mount and foam windshield.

Features: Super light-weight, self-powered mic, 3.5mm mini jack coiled cable fits most DSLR camera audio inputs. Foam windshield helps reduce wind noise.

Application: Good for capturing ambient sound and for capturing audio in an interview situations, as long as the subject is not more than 1.5m from the mic.

(Other microphone options can be found under our Audio Equipment menu)

On Camera DSLR Microphone Hire

On camera DSLR microphone hire from Cam-A-Lot Rentals. DSLR cameras offer poor audio from their on-board mics. If you are looking for better audio get an external mic. These can fit in the hot-shoe of the camera. They then plug into the camera to have the audio record onto the card. When the mic is close to the audio source you will get a much better recording than the camera offers. We also have a variety of microphone options on our Audio Equipment page.