Lens Cleaning Tissue for Sale | 50 Sheets

R45.00 incl VAT

Lens Cleaning Tissue Paper (50 Sheets)

  • Removes Dust, Smudges & Fingerprints
  • Lintless & Non-Abrasive Material
  • 120x70mm sheets
  • safe for coated lenses

Lens Cleaning Tissue for Sale | 50 Sheets

Lens Cleaning Tissue for Sale from Cam-A-Lot Rentals. Sensei Lens Cleaning Tissue Paper is designed to gently clean all types of glass optics. These lens tissues will help keep your valuable optics free of smudges, dust and fingerprints, which can prevent clear viewing and affect the quality of your photographs.

Soft, lintless tissue for cleaning lenses, filters, and other lintless equipment.

Clean fingerprints and dust from your lens. Inexpensive and disposable, these tissues won't reintroduced particles from a previous cleaning the way a reusable cloth May.

This package contains 50 sheets of tissue.

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