LED Ring Light for Sale

R3,545.00 incl VAT


  • YN608 Ring Light
  • Carry Bag
  • Power Supply
  • Remote Control
  • Instruction Manual


  • Light source made up of 608 LEDs
  • Color temperature adjustable: 3,200~5,500K
  • Color rendering index: ≥95
  • Bright output at 4,864 Lumens
  • 50cm diameter ring

Application: Point it directly at a face and shoot through the ring for a soft, even light creating a glamorous look.

LED Ring Light for Sale

LED Ring Light for Sale from Cam-A-Lot Rentals. You can buy your own ring light to create very soft even lighting when shooting faces close up. The 50cm diameter and shape of the light minimises shadows on the face you shooting. This is sought after as it gives a very glamorous and forgiving image where wrinkles and shadows are minimised, and the eyes are accentuated. To use the light you position it directly in front of the face and then shoot with the camera through the middle of the opening. The ring light has a built-in diffuser to further ensure it is more flattering towards the subject matter.

The light comes with a power supply. It can operate off batteries, but they need to be purchased separately. You may also want to add a light stand to your order if you do not have one.

This type of setup is very popular for makeup artists as it helps you to apply makeup more easily and accurately. It is also popular with YouTube content creators and bloggers or vloggers. It ensures there is enough light on the face and that it looks great.

The light offers high levels of control as it is dimmable, and colour temperature adjustable. This can be done with the remote control. This can help the lights to match with other lights in the room and make the picture more natural. The light comes with a power supply but there is a battery option if you want to add it.

This ring light has a High Colour Rendering Index as it uses ultra-high CRI LED lamps. These have a rendering index of higher that 95%. This means that the colour is highly-accurate & faithful which is important for accurate skin tone and makeup application.

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