LED 150w Mono-Light with Umbrella Hire

R290 incl VAT


  • 1 x LED 150w Mono-light,
  • 1 x Light Stand
  • 1 x Extension lead
  • 1 x Shoot-through Umbrella.

Features: A bright light source which is dimmable and is able to attach a variety of light modifiers to soften or control the light. Runs on mains with a colour temperature of 5400K (Daylight).

Application: This has a much higher output than panel lights while still being able to be soft with the addition of modifiers. This makes it very versatile for corporate, production or documentaries and event shooting where its controllability makes it good for interview setups or general lighting needs.

Helpful Add-ons:
This light has a Bowens mount so can accept any of the light modifiers found on our photography lighting page

LED 150w Mono-Light with Umbrella Hire

You can be assured that with a CRI of 95 you will get accurate colour rendering and with its even light dispersion your pictures and videos will have a professional and quality look about them. The powerful 150w LED and 16000Lm output of the ST-150 makes it a super-bright light, ideal for video creation and for studio photography such as portrait, product and food photo shoots. This is why our LED 150w Mono-Light with Umbrella Hire has become so popular.

The ST-150W is a high-tech compact powerful light, using the latest Chip-On-Board (COB) Technology. This new and innovative LED technology is known for better lumen-per-watt ratios and heat efficiency. The uniformity of the light is also superior compared to older generation technology, all relating to an even spread of light with the added advantage of lower power consumption. This in turn transpires to superior thermal performance increasing the life and stability of the light.

If you feel the light is too bright, there is a dimmer control knob on the rear of the light, or by use of the remote control, you can dim the light to your desired brightness. Also on the rear of the light is a very handy RUN button, this is a soft touch button to switch the lights physical LED on and off, putting it into save mode. The LCD display still remains on showing the lights information.

The large and clear 50x35mm LCD screen on the rear of the lights displays the dimming brightness as a percentage and the light Channel and light Group numbers, all used when linking and controlling more than one light at a time.

With the use of the wireless remote you can link and control up to an impressive 6 groups of lights and 16 channels, being able to turn the light or multiple lights on and off, also brightening or dimming them, all without having to leave your camera position. For the remote to work with the light/s, simply ensure that the Channel & Group numbers match on the light/s you trying to control. The remote also has its own handy On/Off switch preventing any accidental changes.

K&F adopts the Bowens mount which has become very popular with many manufacturers, meaning accessories are readily available with a fantastic range of soft-boxes and other light modifiers. The light comes standard with a Bowens dish-style light reflector. The reflector has an umbrella slot if you wish to bounce the light, or shoot it through a translucent umbrella, obtaining a stunning soft feel (umbrella not included).

For maximum heat dispersion and protection, the light is equipped with a premium aluminium heatsink and built-in temperature control with a super silent cooling fan that will not interfere with microphones when doing interviews. All offering excellent heat dispersion, protecting, and giving your light many years of uninterrupted use.


  • Colour Temperature 5600K
  • COB LED Technology
  • CRI ≥ 95
  • TLCI 95+
  • Lumens 14 000 @ 1m
  • Weight: 2.3Kg
  • Length including rear handle & front cap: 396mm
  • Diameter: 140mmm

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