Horizontal Arm Tripod for Macro, Product and Food Photography Hire

R275 incl VAT

Tripod with Horizontal Arm for Product, Food and Macro Photography


  • Extendable Centre Column which can go fully horizontal
  • 28mm ball head for a 10kg load capacity
  • Max height of 185cm
  • Monopod
  • Light weight at just 2.6kg

Horizontal Arm Tripod

This tripod offers a range of great features, perfect for specialised photography. It has a centre column which can go fully horizontal. This is great for top down shots. Useful for food, product or macro photography. This tripod is an absolute pleasure to use and is designed to make your shooting experience an absolute joy. At only 2.6 kilograms it is light enough to be used as a travel tripod but is sturdy enough to be used by photographers for everyday use.

Horizontal Arm Tripod Functionality

The centre column is extendable, and once fully extended can flip over to a horizontal orientation. This allows the camera to get closer to the subject matter when working up against a table. It also means you can shoot straight down. You will absolutely love this functionality when shooting food, products or macro images. Its ability to extend upwards give you a tripod with an impressive 185cm height. It's ability to go horizontal gives you amazing flexibility in shooting the images you want to capture. At the base of the centre column is a hook to which you can attach a sand bag too. This is a great trick to get tripods even more stable and sturdy. This centre column is also able to pull out from the legs and screw onto the one detachable leg, thus creating the monopod with ball head.

The aluminium alloy legs of the tripod have 4 stages. These are extended through twist locks. Many travel tripods are not able to extend fully too a very high level. This makes you have to hunch over to look into your camera. This tripod has a maximum extendable height of 185 centimetres. You will always be able to get your camera raised to your eyelevel. The legs open out to give you a well-supported and stable shooting platform. Even though this tripod can extend so tall it also is able to fold all the way down to 48 centimetres. Making it extremely easy to transport, along with its carry bag and shoulder strap.

The legs are also are able to open wide which allows the camera to get very low. This is useful for shooting close to the ground. You may want to use this function for landscape shots and pond reflections. You can also invert the centre column to get the camera even lower. When used in combination with the horizontal arm you can shoot low and still have your camera right side up. One leg of this tripod is detachable and when combined with the centre column creates a mono pod. The mono pod is extendable up to an impressive 195 centimetres.

This tripod has a 28-centimetre ball head. A ball head is great for very quickly being able to adjust and lock your camera position. This ball head is able to handle an impressive 10 kilogramme load which is far more than most camera setups will ever weigh. The head comes with a quick release plate which is also forward and backward position able to create a better balance. The head can pan 360 degrees with markings useful for capturing panoramic images. There is also a spirit level to let you know when you set the camera up perfectly horizontal.

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