Corporate Headshot Portrait Kit Hire

R845 incl VAT

Package Includes:

200w Strobe Kit

  • 2x Godox SK200ii Strobe Heads
  • 2x Bowens Reflectors
  • 2x Light Stands
  • Silver Umbrella and White Reflective Umbrella
  • Softbox 60x90cm
  • Camera Trigger
  • Carry Bag with Wheels

1.3m Wide Double-sided Vinyl Background

  • Background Frame,
  • Stands & 2 Sandbags and a
  • double sided PVC Black & White vinyl background

Beauty Dish

  • Grid
  • Diffuser

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Corporate Headshot Portrait Kit Hire

Corporate Headshot Portrait Kit Hire from Cam-A-Lot Rentals. Because so many of the photography shoots we are booked for these days are Corporate Headshots, we built an easy package. It includes all the necessary parts to create high end professional work. This kit includes a reversible black or white PVC backdrop. It is wide enough for headshots, and narrow enough to be more easily transported. This creates a large and wrinkle free surface to shoot against. The background includes a frame with legs to hold the backdrop roll in place.


The lighting for this package is the 200w strobe kit. It is a great kit for headshots as it will not be too intense for the person being photographed. The kit comes with softboxes and umbrellas. We have added a beauty dish for the ultimate high end look for your images. This creates a large wrap around light which is soft with fast fall off. It is used for many glamour shoots and will make any portrait work look like a high quality product.


With this combination of equipment you just need to add your camera and expertise. The kit will provide everything else you need. We always aim to provide combinations of products to make your like easier and the results even better.

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