Canon 35mm Lens Rental

R420 incl VAT

Focal length: 35mm

Widest Aperture: f1.4

Version: L USM

Canon 35mm Lens Rental

Canon 35mm lens rental from Cam-A-Lot Rentals. Prime lenses offer the sharpest image and usually give you the fastest shutter speed. This is a great lens to use in conjunction with the Ronin. Where you want a wild field of view. You can view our full range of lenses and lens adaptors for rental, here. Here is what Canon have to say about their lens.

"L-series professional f/1.4 wide-angle lens with an Aspherical lens element to correct aberrations. The floating system enables high picture quality to be obtained over the entire focusing range. Autofocusing is quick and quiet with rear focusing and ring USM. Full-time manual focusing is also possible."


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