600w Battery Powered Strobe Light for Sale | Godox AD600B WITSTRO TTL HSS

R15,200.00 incl VAT


  • Godox AD600B Witstro TTL All-In-One Outdoor Flash
  • Witstro WB87 Battery Pack
  • Charger and Cable
  • Plastic Protective Cover


  • 600Ws Monolight, Li-Ion Battery Powered
  • Up to 500 Full-Power Flashes per Charge
  • Compatible w/ Most Major TTL Systems
  • Built-In 2.4 GHz Wireless X System
  • 1/256 to 1/1 Power Control
  • 0.01-2.5 Sec Recycling Time
  • Flash Durations: Short as 1/10,000 Sec
  • 1/8000 Sec High-Speed Sync

600w Battery Powered Strobe Light for Sale | Godox AD600B WITSTRO TTL HSS

600w Battery Powered Strobe Light for Sale from Cam-A-Lot Rentals. This strobe is one of our more popular photographic rental items. Its versatility and ease of use make it an absolute winner. Having a battery powered light allows you to shoot in any location, no matter how remote. You have a high-powered flash that will give off camera light with a wide range of light modifiers available. The reason it is so easy to use, is due to its TTL and HSS functionality. TTL means it will automatically adjust the flash brightness output according to the cameras light meter reading. The HSS will allow you to use any shutter speed on the camera and it will still sync with the flash.

The battery will give you 500 full power flashes, which is better than the competition. It is also able to run on mains power with the optional power supply. The receiver for this light is built-in while you can purchase Canon, Nikon, Sony or Fuji compatible transmitters. It uses the easily available Bowens mount so light modifiers are cheap and easy to come by.

Manufactured by Godox

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