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Consumables for Sale | Cam-A-Lot RentalsConsumables for Sale

Come check out the collection of consumable production equipment Cam-A-Lot Rentals has available for purchase on our Consumables for Sale page. For the essential extras every shoot needs visit Cam-A-Lot. We have dust off which is great for cleaning cameras and lenses to remove dust. You can also get gaffer tape from use which no shoot should be without. Gaffer tape is available in black and white. Here you can also find a range of lens cleaning solutions to ensure spot free images. If you need replacement bulbs for your redhead lights, we have those too. Here you will find a range of useful extras to make your shoot a little easier.

We do our best to maintain accurate pricing, but a variety of factors are beyond our control. Prices are a guideline only, pricing is linked to supply and the exchange rate and may therefore vary. Errors and Omissions Excepted, please email for an official quote.

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