Nikon have released a point-and-shoot (from their Coolpix range) camera with a lens like no other. This camera has a built-in lens, it is not interchangeable. But you will never need to swap lenses as the built-in version has a ridiculous 125x optical zoom. So, it can handle wide scenes with its 24mm equivalent. Great for shooting indoors or landscape work. If something is far away, you can zoom in, and zoom in more and keep zooming. You can zoom right up to the equivalent of 3000mm. Yes, that is meant to be 3000 and not 300. 300mm is a pretty good zoom focal length, 500mm is a little less common. Beyond 500mm is usually for specialised lenses and the number of options dwindles.

At the wide end you get a minimum focus distance of 1cm, so you can capture macro shots. At the long end you can do close-up shots of the moon, at 2600mm you can fill the frame with the moon. The technical costs of such a long lens is an aperture of F8 at the long end. You will probably also want to be using a tripod and as high a shutter as you can manage to ensure sharp images. The camera has a Dual Detect Optical Vibration Reduction which will give you 5 stops of stabilization.

The sensor is 16 megapixels and you can record 4k video with an audio input jack. To further help the filming, the camera has a fully articulated LCD.