If you are new to photography, it is easy to be very passionate about the hobby. Photography is filled with such amazing potential, and as a result it really excites the imagination. Much like many other art forms, it allows you to make your imagination tangible. This is certainly the big appeal photography holds for me. Photography is an immensely enjoyable pastime that you’ll be able to enjoy and share with the people around you.


The Power to Create

What excites me about photography is the way it enables me to share my vision with other people. I can’t draw or paint, and so photography is the best tool I have for communicating visually. When we start out there can be a lot of frustration as we struggle to get the equipment to faithfully recreate the image that is in your mind. It can take lifetimes to master the skills to render imaginings exactly as we intend.

There are a few ways which can help you to better master your objectives. Firstly, you can get training. There are countless online resources or books and magazines dedicated to the hobby, business and art of photography. The fastest way to get the necessary information is by attending photography workshops. We recommend Digital Photography Courses or (DPC) for their amazing value for money and comprehensive courses. You can check out their service offering here. http://digitalphotographycourses.co.za/

The second method of getting the shot you striving for, is to have the right gear. Some photography gear is very expensive, conversely there is also a lot which is unnecessary. Under certain circumstances, some shots will just not be possible without the right equipment. Instead of buying expensive or specialised equipment consider renting some. Rental companies have high end gear which you can hire for your shoot at a fraction of the purchase price. Have a look at some rental options here. https://camalot.co.za/product-category/photography-equipment-hire/

The third consideration is how limitations and frustrations can necessitate invention and creativity. Sometimes it is the lack of gear or bad weather or any number of things which go wrong, which force you to use a little ingenuity and the results are better for it. In many cases the most limiting force is our imagination and an on-set “crisis” can be a great way to unlock the necessary lateral thinking.

Lastly, don’t underestimate the power of post processing or editing your work with the help of software such as Photoshop. The camera can only produce a latent image and the last stretch of potential must be drawn out through image processing applications. These programmes can be used to both enhance and create content, bringing the results ever closer to your imagined end product.


John Fox Photography

Shoot for fun

There is a point in everyone’s photographic journey where they reach a level of frustration which can outweigh the level of enjoyment. Usually it is at the point where your theoretical knowledge surpasses your practical “hands on” time. So, you know what you want but struggle with getting your gear to achieve it. This will pass. A common mistake is getting overly wrapped up in the technical details rather than content. Some of the world’s most iconic and influential images are not technical masterpieces. They have their place in history due to the “WHAT” moments they have immortalised rather than “HOW” they were executed. Sometimes a pic is the best in the world cause its of your kids, even if it is not pin sharp.

John Fox Photography