We have a growing selection of backdrops. These are very popular for both photographic and video work. The PVC or Vinyl options are great for full length work. What makes them so great is that they are hard wearing and wrinkle free.

Our prices include the frames, stands and sand-bags in … Read More

This is a quick guide to Balance the DJI Ronin-S and getting it set up. It is important to have a neutral balance as it will allow the battery to last longer and protect the motors from overheating. These are the steps as laid out by DJI for getting the … Read More

All our photographic strobe kits are quite comprehensively packaged. When you hire a kit from us it will come with the strobe heads, stands, wireless trigger and light modifiers. The most obvious way in which the differ is their power output (w). This is a quick guide to help you … Read More

If you are having a problem getting the strobe flash to fire, here are the steps to follow. If a step works, great! You can stop reading. If it does not keep going through this list in order and you will get the problem sorted.

Step 1: Trigger on Camera
You want … Read More

Find out about our relocation to a new premises just around the corner.

The Cam-A-Lot Pretoria branch will have a new home from January 2019 as we are moving. We are relocating from 75 Kariba street, just round the corner to 59 Jerome Road. It will be easier to find and … Read More

Live Streaming Equipment has become very popular as people share information and events over the web as they happen. In order to stream video content to an online platform you need a streaming device. Cam-A-Lot Rentals offers two streaming device options which are available for hire.

These are the Teradek VidiU … Read More

As we have quite a few requests for rental equipment to take pictures at a wedding we thought we would put together a little guide on some of our recommended gear for shooting a wedding. Below you can see which gear we recommend and why we think it is well … Read More

Venus Optics has a ‘Weird but Revolutionary’ macro lens. The company has a history of macro lenses which they have launched through Kickstarter. Their latest is noticeably different from traditional lenses. This is a lens with a 24mm field of view, which is pretty wide for a typical macro lens … Read More

Nikon have released a point-and-shoot (from their Coolpix range) camera with a lens like no other. This camera has a built-in lens, it is not interchangeable. But you will never need to swap lenses as the built-in version has a ridiculous 125x optical zoom. So, it can handle wide scenes … Read More

Would you stand still to get this shot? Photographer Willis Chung was shooting in Yellowstone park. He found a bison bull which he started to capture with his camera. He had been shooting it for 90 minutes while it walked on the plains and rolled in the dust. Then it … Read More