We have broadcast lighting equipment available for hire. We stock a range of lights for television, stage or studio productions. We also have a range of broadcast cameras available for hire at great per day rates. And of … Read More

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Here are a few tips which can make your shoot run a little more … Read More

This is a quick guide to Balance the DJI Ronin and getting it set up. It is important to have a neutral balance as it will allow the battery to last longer and protect the motors from overheating. These are the steps as laid out by DJI for getting the … Read More

Cam-A-Lot Rentals has taken the decision to actively work on lessening our impact on the planet, we are going “green”. Our company has always played its part in community upliftment and development. We are always looking for more ways to have a positive impact. While reviewing the business, we identified … Read More

If you are new to photography, it is easy to be very passionate about the hobby. Photography is filled with such amazing potential, and as a result it really excites the imagination. Much like many other art forms, it allows you to make your imagination tangible. This is certainly the … Read More