Venus Optics has a ‘Weird but Revolutionary’ macro lens. The company has a history of macro lenses which they have launched through Kickstarter. Their latest is noticeably different from traditional lenses. This is a lens with a 24mm field of view, which is pretty wide for a typical macro lens … Read More

Nikon have released a point-and-shoot (from their Coolpix range) camera with a lens like no other. This camera has a built-in lens, it is not interchangeable. But you will never need to swap lenses as the built-in version has a ridiculous 125x optical zoom. So, it can handle wide scenes … Read More

Would you stand still to get this shot? Photographer Willis Chung was shooting in Yellowstone park. He found a bison bull which he started to capture with his camera. He had been shooting it for 90 minutes while it walked on the plains and rolled in the dust. Then it … Read More

NVIDIA researchers have developed a way to create slow motion footage out of 30fps footage, and it is amazing! They can take slow motion footage and slow it even further. Their new AI system creates the missing frames in between the actual existing frames. The researchers state “Our method can … Read More

Most of us have seen a thermal camera which makes the different heat values in a scene visible. Well here is a camera which can do the same thing with sound waves. Using to 64 microphones it is able to pinpoint sound sources and translate their volume into visible mapping … Read More

A couple of weeks back we shared an image from the PetaPixel website of a photo where a photographer captured a bird that caught a shark that caught a fish in this article.

image by Doc Jon
Well this week there is a new one, a photographer who captured a fox who … Read More

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