Terms & Conditions

Rental Applications

Rental applications for new clients are available from Cam-A-Lot Rentals. This form must be completed in full and returned to Cam-A-Lot Rentals a minimum of 36 hours prior to hire. A copy of the hirers SA ID document and proof of residence is required. (Copies of originals can be made at Cam-A-Lot.) Forms that are illegible or incomplete shall be returned & will delay the hiring process.

Strictly Cash On Delivery

Cam-A-Lot Rentals is a COD based company. Payment & proof thereof is required prior to hire, that is before the collection of gear, for all customers. Debit & Credit card payments are accepted on gear collection.

As the person duly authorised by the company or as sole trader (Freelancer), I shall sign the contract and accept full responsibility in my personal capacity for any outstanding payments or debt due & agree to pay Cam-A-Lot Rentals 2.5% interest per month on all outstanding invoices. The hirer gives Cam-A-Lot Rentals permission to do a full background check and credit worthy evaluation.

The booking of equipment is required in the form of an email stipulating the hirers details, equipment required for hire as well as dates of the shoot. Equipment is available for collection the afternoon prior to the day of hire. Equipment is due back before 11am on the day of return. Late returns (after 11:00am) shall be charged for as an extra day’s rental. Cam-A-Lot Rentals has the right to refuse hire.

It is the responsibility of the Hirer to ensure that the required equipment, accessories and extras, as requested via email booking are supplies and packed when signing for the gear on collection. The hirer may also on request test any item or all of the gear being collected.


On accepting the agreement to do business with Cam-A-Lot Rentals the hirer takes full responsibility for lost, stolen, or damaged equipment, and understands and accepts full liability for the insurance excess rates. If the lost, stolen, or damaged equipment is less in value than the minimum claim excess of R10, 000, the hirer will be liable for the full replacement or repair costs. Equipment under the value of R10, 000 is not insured. All Memory Cards (SXS, P2, CF, SDHC etc.) are NOT insured.

Cam-A-Lot Rentals retains the right and final decision whether damaged equipment shall be repaired or replaced. Lost or damaged uninsured items shall be invoiced for and replaced or repaired by Cam-A-Lot Rentals. If the lost equipment is no longer available it will be charged for at the going rate of similar equipment determined by Cam-A-Lot Rentals.

The insurance terms and conditions stipulate that equipment is not covered if stolen out of an unattended motor vehicle or during use in under water or aerial photography as well as abnormally high risk areas and situations. Travel to certain countries may also constitute to insurance exclusions. It is therefore compulsory to inform Cam-A-Lot Rentals on all travel abroad and abnormal shoots.

The Hirer is also liable for all cost due to loss, theft or damage to equipment, as from when each item of the hired gear is signed out and handed to the carrier/driver who shall be deemed as part of the Hirer. This responsibility will remain with the Hirer until all signed for items are returned to Cam-A-Lot Rentals and are accepted as whole, and in good working order. Cam-A-Lot Rentals shall have up to five working days to determine whether the returned equipment is complete and in satisfactory condition.

On bigger productions it is recommended that the production company involved, takes out additional production insurance to cover and shortfalls or unforeseen equipment related incidences.


Cam-A-Lot Rentals endeavours to hire out well maintained and packaged equipment. However due to the nature of electronic & mechanical equipment as well as human error, I/We accordingly absolve & hold free of any legal liability & therefore indemnify Cam-A-Lot Rentals CC, its Owners, Members and Staff against death, injury, or disability or any claim, financial or otherwise incurred due to equipment failure, omission of equipment or any other unforeseen error whether or not due to negligence on behalf of Cam-A-Lot Rentals & those involved.

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Prices displayed are charged as a Daily rate and exclude Vat.

Equipment & Pricing subject to change without notice.

Terms & Conditions apply.

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