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Cam-A-Lot Rentals offer stills camera hire packages, a selection of DSLR cameras, Rokinon & Canon lenses, Shoulder rigs, Matt box’s, DSLR Audio, GoPro’s as well as a variety of accessories. Customise a camera package & capture your moment in style.

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SONY A7S II – R1,300 ex Vat

Includes: Body, 2x batteries & 2x SD memory cards.

Features: This full frame 12.2mp camera has the ability to output 4K 4:2:2 or record 50mb/s XAVC S codec internally. The S-log2 gamma allows for extensive dynamic range. E-mount lens adaptor.

Application: Well suited to low light due to the expanded 50-409600 ISO. Shallow depth of field gives a “film like” look.

Add ANY 3 lenses to your booking for just R950 ex Vat
or get a Metabones adaptor for
R200 ex Vat


CANON EOS 5D Mk III – R800 ex Vat

Includes: Body, 2 x batteries & 2 x 32GB memory cards.

Features: Full Frame CMOS sensor. Full HD video recording. 22.3 mega pixel camera.

Application: Shallow depth of field gives a great “Film Like” look, good for music videos, weddings & those special Interviews.

Add ANY 3 lenses to your booking for just R950 ex Vat


CANON EOS 7D – R450 ex Vat

Includes: Body, 2 x batteries & 2 x 32GB memory cards.

Features: 22.3 x 14.9mm APS-C sensor. Full HD video recording. 18 mega pixel camera.

Application: Shallow depth of field gives a great “Film Like” look, good for music videos, weddings & those special Interviews.

Add ANY 3 lenses to your booking for just R950 ex Vat



14mm T3.1: R350 ex Vat

24mm T1.5: R350 ex Vat

35mm T1.5: R350 ex Vat

50mm T1.5: R350 ex Vat

85mm T1.5: R350 ex Vat

135mm T2.2: R350 ex Vat

Kit Price for all 6 lenses R1, 600 ex Vat



35mm Prime f1.4 L USM: R350 ex Vat

50mm Prime f1.4: R350 ex Vat

85mm Prime f1.8: R350 ex Vat

100mm Prime f2.8 Macro USM: R350 ex Vat



8 – 15mm f4 L USM Fish Eye: R350 ex Vat

16 – 35mm f2.8 L II USM: R350 ex Vat

24 – 70mm f2.8 USM: R350 ex Vat

24 – 105mm f4 L USM: R350 ex Vat

70 – 200mm f2.8: R350 ex Vat

Canon 2X Extender III: R250 ex Vat



Features: Allows a Canon EF or EF-S mount lens to be mounted onto a Sony E-mount camera. The adapter is designed to support electronic communication between an attached camera and lens to maintain autofocus, image stabilization, as well as camera-controlled aperture functions.


DJI Osmo 4K Camera – R600 ex Vat

Includes: DJI Osmo. Spare battery, 2 x 16GB cards. Monitor mount. Excludes: Smart phone with DJI Go app required for monitoring

Features: 4k video and 120fps slow motion at full HD. 3-axis Gimbal stabilisation. Wi-Fi for monitoring and remote operation

Application: The freedom of a hand-held camera which maintains incredibly stable footage.

Add a 3 piece filter set for just R100 ex Vat
or a suction mount for R40 ex Vat


GoPro Hero4 Silver – R500 ex Vat
GoPro Hero4 Black – R550 ex VatIncludes: Go-Pro camera, batteries, 2 x 32GB cards. Various mounting brackets.Features: Supports 4K, 2.7K, and 1080p Video. Capture 12MP Photos at 30 fps. Ultra wide angle glass lens. Full HD resolution 1920 x 1080. Waterproof housing.Application:Used for a variety of sports. Also used for music concerts (eg on a drum kit) and reality shows.


RIG PACKAGE – R750 excl Vat

Includes: Shoulder mount, follow focus & matte box. Excludes the camera.

Features: The Rig with the addition of the Matte Box & Follow Focus unit, works well as an all in one shoulder mount option, fully adjustable to suite you and the camera.

Application: The firm shoulder support and ease of access to focusing is great for shooting handheld video where control & professionalism is a necessity.



Includes: Complete shoulder mount bracket.

Features: Light weight and fully adjustable. Matte box and follow focus units simply attach to this superb mount.

Application: The comfy shoulder pad and dual handgrips help steady-up & support handheld shooting.


MATTE BOX – R350 ex Vat

Includes: Matte box with rails.

Features: Swing away for quick filter changes. 1 x Rotating filter tray. 1 x fixed filter tray. Donut style adaptor ring.

Application: Used for the mounting of filters such as Polarisers, ND’s, Grads & effects filters in front of your lens.


FOLLOW FOCUS – R250 ex Vat

Includes: Follow focus unit.

Features: The innovative reverse gear design and flexible gear ring allows for easy mounting with a variety of lenses.

Application: The fine craftsmanship & accurate mounting of this unit allows for fast, precise focus adjustments when you on the go & need it most.



Includes: Dolly & Swivel Joint to mount camera.
Excludes camera & light.

Features: Smooth surface required for tracking shots. Moves straight and in curves. Super small, simple with quick setup.

Application: Used with DSLR, GoPro’s & Cell phones. Great when Time, Money & Space are tight but you still need that tracking movements to add spice to your artistic shot.



Includes: Arm with mounting screw
(Excludes camera & light)

Features: Attaches camera via std ¼” screw, shock absorbing ergonomic padded handle. Removable shoe mount securely holds video lights, flashes or microphones.

Application: Fits most DSLR’s & used with GoPro’s to achieve fluid smooth tracking shots. The design also allows for a secure steady grip for those long shoots.



Includes: Mic with camera mount and foam windshield.

Features: Super light-weight, self-powered mic, 3.5mm mini jack coiled cable fits most DSLR camera audio inputs. Foam windshield helps reduce wind noise.

Application: Good for capturing ambient sound and for capturing audio in an interview situations, as long as the subject is not more than 1.5m from the mic.

(Other microphone options can be found under AUDIO menu)


Video and DSLR Tripods

75mm Video Tripod – R350 ex Vat

DSLR Tripod – R250 ex Vat (Other tripods and Mini Dollies can be found under VIDEO ACCESSORIES & GRIPS menus)


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Prices displayed are charged as a Daily rate and exclude Vat.

Equipment & Pricing subject to change without notice.

Terms & Conditions apply.

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