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With our selection of Grips, Dollies, Mini Jibs, Sliders and many more Grips & Toys, you will be able to keep your shoot on track & add that extra spark of brilliance. Our Panther Dolly is a winner, for the smoothest and most precise movement- it’s a class leader. Need movement but low on budget try our compact & agile Slider or Wally Dolly – a little movement goes a long way!

Panther Twister Dolly – R1,600 excl Vat

Includes: Dolly system, Pedestal, Side Platforms & 2 fully adjustable seats.

Tracks: Straights & Curves – R180 per track.

Features: Super smooth on and off tracks if used on a smooth surface. The 8 rubber wheels with the versatility of 4-wheel steering allows for quick & precise re-positioning & curved tracking of choice. Built in Low-Boy. Payload 270kg.

Application: Good old school tracking on this Professional sturdy dolly will not just impress you, but also your client! Ads, Documentaries, Movies, Music Vids…Large vehicle required for transportation.



Includes: Full Panther Twister Dolly + Electronic Pedestal, Remote control, Spare Batteries & Charger.

Features: Smooth vertical jibbing while tracking. With an extended height of 1.8m, this allows for an “eye-line” shot of a standing adult. Effortless height adjustment and simple operation.

Application: From DSLR to Alexa, allow this remote pedestal to add an extra dynamic while tracking. You will love it!


DOLLY & TRACKS – R900 excl Vat

Includes: Dolly base, pedestal & seat Plus 5x 1.5m straight tracks.

Extra: R120 Two curves creating a soft 90-degree bend. Excludes camera and tripod.

Features: Up to 7.5m straight tracking with the option of a soft 90-degree curve. This sit on compact dolly is practical and smooth. Bakkie or station wagon required for transport.

Application: Used in the filming of music concerts, videos or where long smooth tracking shot are required.



Includes: Platform dolly, push arm Plus 5×1.5m straight tracks.

Extra: R120 Two curves creating a soft 90-degree bend.

Features: Up to 7.5m straight tracking with the option of a soft 90 degree curve. Mount your tripod onto the sturdy base to get high & low angle shots. Bakkie or station wagon required for transport.

Application: Used in the filming of music concerts, videos or where long smooth tracking shot are required.


WALLY DOLLY & TRACKS – R400 excl Vat

Includes: T-piece wheel base and 3x 1m Tracks in bag. Excludes camera and tripod.

Features: Super portable- 2 min setup time, fits into tripod size bag. 3 meters of smooth easy tracking.

Application: Due to its ease of use, the Wally is ideal for those on the go shoots or where movement is required in confined spaces. Corporate interviews, magazine type shoots, music etc.


RONIN – R1,500 excl Vat

RONIN “M” – R950 excl Vat

Includes: Ronin full rig incl Thumb controller, Spare smart Battery & Stand (excludes camera)

Features: 3 Axis Gimbal Stabilizer. Thumb or remote controlled pan & tilt. Three operation modes and simple balancing makes for easy setup & operation.

Application: Used with DSLR or smaller video cameras. Amazing “steadycam” like shots. Get your music video looking like it was shot in Hollywood! Using this unit does require some skill!


MINI JIB – R650 excl Vat

Includes: Jib arm, dolly wheels, tripod legs & weights. Excludes camera and tripod head.

Features: 1.5m arm extension. As the jib is operated from the camera any camera person can operate it – no special skills required. Portable and easy to set up. Can be transported in a small car.

Application: An affordable way to achieve smooth sweeping shots. A winner with music videos, corporate interviews, churches and shooting large objects like cars.


DSLR MINI JIB – R400 excl Vat

Includes: Jib arm & Weights.

Extra: Tripod  combo (incl Jib) – R650 ex Vat.

Features: 2m Reach, very light & nimble, tilt adjustment, fits most tripods, packs into tripod size bag.

Application: Used with DSLR or smaller video cameras. Great for low to high angle shot & fluid cinematic movement.


EZ SLIDER – R550 excl Vat

Includes: EZ Slider includes various track lengths & Stands. Does not incl Tripod head.

Features: Different track lengths- 1.6m & 2.1m. Stands allow for height adjustment & leveling, Dutch-Tilt ability, Rubber V-wheels allows for very smooth & stable tracking, suitable to be used without tracks on smooth surfaces.

Application: Perfect for small to large format cameras. Good for adding smooth fluid tracking movement to a potentially boring shot.

Add a tripod head to your order for R350


SLIDERS – R400 excl Vat

Includes: Slider incl Tripod Head & 2x Stands (Choice of 1m & 1,5m Lengths).

Features: Special mounting brackets have been fitted to our sliders allowing stands to simply clip in, allowing quick set-up, height adjustment & leveling.

Application: Used with DSLR or smaller video cameras. Good for adding smooth fluid tracking movement to a potentially boring static shot.



Includes: Dolly & Swivel Joint to mount camera.
Excludes camera & light.

Features: Smooth surface required for tracking shots. Moves straight and in curves. Super small, simple with quick setup.

Application: Used with DSLR, GoPro’s & Cell phones. Great when Time, Money & Space are tight but you still need that tracking movements to add spice to your artistic shot.


RIG PACKAGE – R750 excl Vat

Includes: Shoulder mount, follow focus & matte box. Excludes the camera.

Features: The Rig with the addition of the Matte Box & Follow Focus unit, works well as an all in one shoulder mount option, fully adjustable to suite you and the camera.

Application: The firm shoulder support and ease of access to focusing is great for shooting handheld video where control & professionalism is a necessity.



Includes: Complete shoulder mount bracket.

Features: Light weight and fully adjustable. Matte box and follow focus units simply attach to this superb mount.

Application: The comfy shoulder pad and dual handgrips help steady-up & support handheld shooting.


MATTE BOX – R350 ex Vat

Includes: Matte box with rails.

Features: Swing away for quick filter changes. 1 x Rotating filter tray. 1 x fixed filter tray. Donut style adaptor ring.

Application: Used for the mounting of filters such as Polarisers, ND’s, Grads & effects filters in front of your lens.


FOLLOW FOCUS – R250 ex Vat

Includes: Follow focus unit.

Features: The innovative reverse gear design and flexible gear ring allows for easy mounting with a variety of lenses.

Application: The fine craftsmanship & accurate mounting of this unit allows for fast, precise focus adjustments when you on the go & need it most.



Includes: Arm with mounting screw
(Excludes camera & light)

Features: Attaches camera via std ¼” screw, shock absorbing ergonomic padded handle. Removable shoe mount securely holds video lights, flashes or microphones.

Application: Fits most DSLR’s & used with GoPro’s to achieve fluid smooth tracking shots. The design also allows for a secure steady grip for those long shoots.



Compact DSLR Tripod – R250 excl Vat
75mm Tripod – R350 excl Vat
100mm Sachtler Tripod – R650 excl Vat
Monopod – R120 excl Vat
Baby Legs – R100 excl Vat
Low boy – R100 excl Vat



C-stands – R50 excl Vat
Combo Stands – R50 excl Vat
Light/Blond Stands – R30 excl Vat
Pole Cat (2.1-3.7m) – R100 excl Vat
Sand Bags – R10 excl Vat



Gaffer Grip – R20 excl Vat
Mafer Clamp – R20 excl Vat
Spring Grips – 20 excl Vat
Magic Arms – R40 excl Vat
Swivel Ball Joint – R20 excl Vat
Apple Box Set – R40 excl Vat



Includes: Frame, Stands & 2 Sandbags
2.8 x 3m – R300 excl Vat
1.2 x 2.8m – R300 excl Vat



Includes: Frame, Stands & 2 Sandbags
Black & White 2.8 x 6m



Black Out 8×8- R80 excl Vat
Black Out 12×12- R100 excl Vat
Silks 4×4 – R110 excl Vat
Frame 4×4 – R50 excl Vat
Silks 6×6 – R160 excl Vat
Silks 8×8 – R180 excl Vat
Frame 6×6 & 8×8 – R80 excl Vat
Silks 12×12 – R190 excl Vat
Frame 12×12 – R110 excl Vat

Add a C-stand for R50 excl Vat



Flag Set (Includes 3 different sizes) – R80 excl Vat
Red Head Snoot – R20 excl Vat



5in1 Reflector – R75 excl Vat
Half Poly – R75 excl Vat
Full Polly – R150 excl Vat
Polly Holders – R20 excl Vat



Includes: Sturdy 1×1.3m platform with rail support and attachable sides, raises your camera by 0.75m to give a clear view of the stage.


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Prices displayed are charged as a Daily rate and exclude Vat.

Equipment & Pricing subject to change without notice.

Terms & Conditions apply.

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